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Irritated, inflamed skin? This extract can help you

Welcome to Apothecary Answers, where the beauty of natural skincare is explained. In this debut instalment of our series, we embark on a journey into the transformative realm of Calendula CO2 Extract (Calendula officinalis), a botanical marvel celebrated for its profound healing properties.

A Highly Concentrated Elixir

Calendula CO2 Extract stands out as a potent, highly concentrated form of calendula. With a potency 45 times greater than its herbal infused oil counterpart, this extract packs a powerful punch in your skincare regimen, delivering unparalleled benefits.

Soothing Relief

Whether you're battling redness, inflammation, or general skin discomfort, this botanical gem swoops in to calm the storm, providing much-needed comfort and support.

Cellular Repair

Beyond soothing, Calendula CO2 Extract stimulates cellular repair, facilitating the regeneration of skin cells. Bid farewell to dull, damaged skin as this extract works its magic to rejuvenate and revitalise your complexion from within.

"I have always been interested in skins with various problems and in finding ways of how to improve them. The help was always there in the power of herbal extracts, vital oils and essences and that’s why I created Purity Organics." – Gwendy Lawrence, Naturopath

Sunburn Saviour

Say goodbye to sunburn woes with Calendula CO2 Extract. With its potent anti-inflammatory properties, this botanical powerhouse offers cooling relief and accelerates the healing process, allowing your skin to bounce back from sun damage swiftly and effectively.

Versatile Wonder

From allergic dermatitis and eczema to minor wounds, burns, and bruises, Calendula CO2 Extract emerges as a versatile solution for an array of skincare concerns. Keep this botanical ally close at hand in your skincare arsenal for whenever your skin calls for tender loving care.

Stay tuned for more enlightening insights from Apothecary Answers as we continue to unveil the natural wonders that address specific skincare issues.

Remember, nature holds the key to skincare solutions that are gentle, effective, and free from harsh chemicals. Join us on this journey toward holistic skincare bliss, and let your skin thrive in the healing embrace of botanical goodness.

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